Do you follow the best before dates? Here are a few rules to follow

Best before dates Everyone has looked in their fridge and pantry only to find the dreaded ‘best before date’ has long passed.  I find this is usually the case with milk and other dairy products, but how much are you really wasting just because of the label.

Many foods will go on well past their best before dates and lets be clear on something that these aren’t expiration dates but merely best before dates.  Just because the date has passed doesn’t mean the products are expired.  Here are some good tips below to help you save some money and not throw away good food.

1.  Use Your Common Sense – This has to be the most important rule.  The dates put on products are merely a suggestion and usually a safe bet.  But even if the food is within that date it can still go bad for a number of reasons.  So if something feels, looks or smells off then chances are something has gone bad

2.  Onions Anyone? – I have no idea why onions have the best before, if you have ever kept onions in your house you will notice that they rarely go bad and even if they do you can simply just remove the top later.

3.  Use the Fridge – Using the fridge more to store foods can help them last a lot longer, especially your fruits and vegetables.  I know a lot of these products state on labels not to refrigerate, but its better than throwing them out.  They probably wont retain maximum flavour but they will certainly last a lot longer.

4.  Pickled Anything – Anything thats pickled will essentially last forever and Im not sure what the point of the best before date is on these.  Probably more for flavour than anything else, but these foods will not spoil, so the next time you see the old jar of pickles or jalapenos sitting in the fridge don’t be so quick to toss them out.

5.  Scrambled or Fried – I guess this would sort of fall into the perishable dairy category and many people are probably skeptical about eggs.  They all have their best before date but rarely ever spoil.  Eggs are one of the most durable foods in the world and if kept in the fridge can last months without going bad.  So next time you take that vacation for a couple weeks and return home to a carton of eggs, don’t be so quick to throw them away.  if the eggs smell and look ok their probably not spoiled.


Sushi Sandwhich Anyone?

Salmon sandwhich Your probably wondering what the title is all about.  Sushi sandwich, what the heck is that.  Well when KFC came out with its Double Down sandwich it helped inspire a whole new level of creativity amongst foods.  Introducing the sushi sandwich which was first introduced to us by another food blogger known as The Vulgar Chef.  Its a pretty simple concept that everyone who loves sushi should probably look to try.  I mean being in Vancouver I can’t see to many people not wanting this.   In a city full of sushi and seafood restaurants, putting together the ever popular burger and mixing it with sushi seems like a marriage that was destined to happen for a long time.

Imagine getting rid of the bun and replacing it with sticky rice, which is wrapped in nori just to assure there is no leakage from the rice.  The rice is of course cut into but like pieces.  The middle of the sandwich is super simple, grab some of fine salmon your used to eating, but don’t go overboard, remember this is still a sandwich.  Get some cream cheese, some cucumber and some Japanese mayo.  Can use regular mayo of course.  And thats pretty much it, you’ve made yourself one hell of a sushi sandwich.  Looks like I have something to try out this weekend now.  Enjoy

Impressed by Carls Jr

Carls Jr Burger It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything on the blog.  The start of the year has been unusually extra busy for us, but hey who’s complaining about that right.  So now that things have settled down a little bit I had the chance to take a mini vacation down to California, which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.  I also had the chance to rekindle my relationship with fast food.  Not one to frequent the greasy burger joints to often, I found myself hungry and staring right at the menu of a Carls Jr.

Before that day I had actually never tried Carls Jr before but was intrigued to try their spicy chicken burger.  So first off Carls Jr has by far the most appetizing ads on TV with the drippy burgers and yes the ladies on there are nice as well.  They have a pretty good selection of burgers and other things and while the price is in line with other fast food joints, its a little more expensive than McDonalds.

Having said all that I did go for the spicy chicken with large fries.  The chicken burger was surprisingly very good, not the sort of pressed meat patty you’re used to seeing at McDonalds or Burger King, but this actually felt and tasted like a piece of chicken.  Also when they say spicy they mean it, this burger is not over the top spicy but it has a nice kick to it.  I imagine the other burgers there are of equally good quality.

Now my favorite part of the meal was the fries, I was treated to a large side of crispy golden fries that actually tasted like a potato.  They weren’t soggy or overly greasy.  They didn’t have some weird (but good) taste to them.  They tasted as if they were fresh cut an hour ago, I’m not sure if thats the case or not, but I found myself wanting more as soon as they were done.

All in all I would 100% go back to Carls Jr when looking for my fix of fast food.  They just seem to do it a bit better than the other guys and are worth the few cents more you’re going to pay.

So next time you’re driving by that Carls Jr sign or see one of their commercials stop in and give us your thoughts.

5 Breakfast Foods You Have to Eat

Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Actually its the one meal on the weekends that gets me excited.  These aren’t exactly the healthiest meals your going to find, I mean cereal and toast are great if your on the go, but here is a list of the world’s top ‘weekend’ breakfast foods.

1.  Eggs Benedict

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

This is the every popular and classic breakfast foods.  Decadent and rich, enjoyed by everyone.  This is the ultimate combination of eggs, meat and bread all covered in a rich butter based sauce.  While I do enjoy the traditional eggs benedict, Id much rather prefer the variation of replacing the meat with something else.  Here’s a couple thoughts replace the ham with bacon or smoked salmon.  This will take the eggs benny to a whole new level

2.  Breakfast Hash

Corned Beef Hash

The standard corned beef hash is an incredible combination of onions, peppers, potatoes, meat a lot of grease and a couple of eggs.  The hash is best made in a skillet and tastes even better when its a little greasy.  Also don’t forget to throw some cheese on there as well.  I know many people reading might not agree with me, but if you want to go out for a great hash, head down to Denny’s for one of their yummy skillets.

3.  Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

My hands down favorite breakfast to eat.  This is a Mexican classic egg breakfast with tortilla, eggs, cheese, avocado, sour cream and some chilli sauce goodness.  For anyone that likes Mexican food you’ve definitely tried this, but if you haven’t you have to check this one out.

4.  Country Fried Steak and Eggs

Country fried steak and eggs

The clear calorie leader here, country fried steak and eggs is an american classic.  A thin cut breaded piece of steak breaded and deep fried topped with a hearty sausage filled country gravy.  And hey why not throw some sunnyside up eggs on the side.  A real hearty breakfast for those that want to start the morning the right way.

5.  Breakfast Sandwiches

Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich

Move over egg mcmuffins and say hello to their close cousin the biscuit sandwich with eggs sausage and a lot of cheese.  These biscuit sandwiches are getting more and more popular at all the fast food restaurants.  My personal favorite is the Tim Hortons biscuit, but the McDonalds one is pretty good to.  Anyhow whichever variation of this you have the breakfast sandwich is all grown up now and gives a lot more flavour.

There you have it 5 breakfast foods your going to want to eat!




This is a Food App you Have to Check Out

substitutions app So I was sitting in the office one day and we usually have Food Network on in the background.  The ‘Kitchen’ was on and they were talking about things they’re really into and one of the things was this app called Substitution.  Somewhat food related today and somewhat techy.

After they gave a brief description I had to check it out for myself and see what all the hype was about.  Basically what Substitution does is provides the user with a vast array of possible substitute products for their meals.  Lets say your making dinner for the family and the dish calls for salmon as the main ingredient and you don’t have any at home.  The app will then suggest a substitute product that will work within the recipe you provided.

One of the greatest benefits to the app is the ability to lay out substitutions based on dietary concerns or a product that is just a little healthier.  The app is intuitive enough to provide you with the best possible substitute.

The only drawback to the app is that is costs .99 cents in the apple or android store.  I have been using the app for a couple months now and I can seriously say that its well worth the money your going to spend. The app has become one of my most used and convenient apps to go to.

So get out your .99 and seriously give this one a try, your not going to regret it.

Go here to get the app:

2015 Health Food Trends

2015 food trends The 2015 year has just kicked off and already the lists are out about the latest health food trends.  Being somewhat of a healthy eater I’m always interested in whats new out there.  So out this year is the stalwart Quinoa and Kale, replaced by something new this year.  The hottest trend for 2014 was Kale so lets see what makes up the top 5 for this year.

5.  Coconut Sugar – Coconut has exploded the last couple of years, it seems everything coconut is popular now.  First there was coconut water, then coconut oil and the latest health kick is onto coconut sugar.  Its made from the flower of the coconut plant and is very similar in nature to brown sugar.  Its extremely low on the glycemic index, and is an amazing substitute 1:1in any of your baking recipes

4.  Cold Pressed Juices – You thought the year of juices had come an gone with the explosion of Jamba Juice, but 2015 is going to be even more popular for juices.  Cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices are going to become one of the hot things to drink in 2015.  The main benefit of the juices are that they get you to eat vegetables that you probably wouldn’t consume to much.  Purple beets anyone?

3.  Sprouted Foods – Anything sprouted is good for you and will be something you want to look at in 2015.  From sprouted beans, to grains, to nuts the sprouted foods aid with digestion and protein.  So for 2015 get sprouted.

2.  Pickled Anything – This is one I’ve been hearing a lot about since late 2014, pickling food is becoming the new trend.  People around the world have been eating pickled vegetables for the longest time and just now its re-gaining popularity in North America.  Research has quickly shown that pickled vegetables have higher vitamin levels, enhanced digestibility and anti-bacterial properties.  Pickled beets, cabbage even hot peppers are going to be the hit of the year.  You wont just see dill pickles in the aisles anymore.

1.  Whole Milk – What?  Whole Milk?  Yes whole milk is back, no more are you going to be hitting the store coolers looking for skim milk.  Whole milk has all the good fats and nutrients you need .  Whole milk is also extremely high on Omega , vitamin K and vitamin D.  So don’t let anyone tell you skim milk is better.

There you have it, the 2015 health food trends to live by.  We’re smoked salmon salespeople so we have get it in there that salmon’s also pretty good for you.

Chow for now!

Free Burrito from Chipotle – January 26, 2015

Chipotle Coupon Happy New Year everyone, I know this is is a little late but after an extremely busy holiday season I had to take some time off.  But now we’re back and adding a new section to the blog.  Everyone loves a deal so why not add a section to highlight my favourite food deals., we’re not just selling salmon here.

Lets start the new year off with an amazing deal from Chipotle.  You can clearly tell from one of my past review blogs that I’m a huge fan of Chipotle and with a second location coming to Vancouver this couldn’t come at a better time.  On January 26 head into Chipotle in Canada or the United States and get a free burrito with the purchase of their organic tofu Sofritas.  You can get your burrito, bowl or salad on your next visit between January 27 and February 28th.  This is a pretty good deal, Chipotle rarely has promotions and as you can tell by the usual lineups to get your food they really don’t need them.  So check out the picture for the official word and enjoy the Sofritas!

Don’t Stress the Holidays – Last Minute Gifts Ideas

last minute christmas giftsThis happens all the time to everyone I know, the holidays become an extremely stressful time of year as everyone rushes out to get those last minute gifts.  The malls will be packed with shoppers today so the best advice we can give is to find someone who does rush delivery in time for Christmas.  If that doesn’t work out for you, heres a last minute gift guide to save your holidays.

  • One of the gifts I go to is the delivery of a subscription service.  Give the gift of NetFlix or Hulu.  This is the gift that truly keeps on giving throughout the year.  Get a one year subscription to those services and your going to be sure this gift will be loved by whoever gets it.  And the best part is you never have to step into a store to order it.  Saves you time and makes a great gift.
  • The holiday being the crazy time of year for everyone with parties and get together, whats more time saving than getting someone a few hours with a maid service.  Everyone needs a little help during and after the holiday with cleaning and a maid service does just that.  Like the first gift it also doesn’t require you to leave the house.
  • Spa Treatments are always a crowd pleaser.  These are the go to gifts if you have to give something to a special someone but are stumped with what to give.  The spa certificates always go over well, as the Mrs gets a chance to pamper herself and get a little time away from the holiday Chaos.
  • Since were into supporting local we wanted to let you in a on a local Vancouver candle maker.  Vancouver Candle Company is making premium soy wax candles.  We have tried a number of there scents and can tell these will be a crowd pleaser.  Whether these are given to a special someone or even in an office gift exchange these candles make the perfect holiday gift.  You can find these candles throughout Vancouver and for those out of town check out their website.
  • Last but certainly not least is the shameless plug for smoked salmon.  You really cant get anymore Canadian gift giving than smoked salmon.  This is goes amazingly well at parties and will make the guests at your holiday party happy when they see the side of salmon on the table with an array of cream cheese and cracker.  Jet Set Sam is still able to deliver your local gifts in time for the holidays.  We also have some amazing Christmas specials still available, as well as Corporate gift baskets.

Have some other ideas for last minute gifts?

It’s Holiday Party Time – Appetizer You Have to Have!

Smoked Salmon rolls The holidays are right around the corner and its time to start thinking about those upcoming Christmas parties.  One of the biggest concerns people have when throwing a party besides the alcohol is what food to serve.

You dont want to serve up anything to heavy or messy at a party, but you also want to serve up a few good appetizers to keep your party goers full and help to soak up a bit of that alcohol.  Here is a list of staple party appetizers that will be sure you keep your guests happy and satisfied.  Also remember it is the holidays so you have take the food up a notch.  This isn’t the Superbowl so remember to glam it up a bit.

The Large Shrimp Ring

The shrimp ring is probably the most popular appetizer for your guests at any party.  But be careful you have to make you buy enough of the rings because they tend to go fast.  Also open your wallet and get the good shrimps.  Costco sells a great shrimp ring with decent sized shrimp that are pretty good quality.  The last thing you want are tiny tasteless shrimp.

Smoked Salmon on Crackers or Bread

Another one of those upscale party appetizers is smoked salmon with some crackers (bread) and some cream cheese.  We are guaranteeing that this will be a big hit at the party.  Smoked salmon is loved by almost everyone, and it looks great.  Want to glam it up a bit more, throw some capers on it.

7 Layer Dip

Depending on the type of party this is, the 7 layer dip is usually the most popular item on the table.  If its not that type of party you can always put it in a nice dish, because seriously who doesn’t like 7 layer dip.  Its a hit at all parties, just try and clean it up a bit.

Toasted Ravioli

These can look amazing at a party and are super easy to make.  Just go out and get the pre made store bought ravioli (cheese tends to work the best) bread them with a little panko, herbs and cheese.  Toss them in the fryer and let your guests enjoy.  The trick here is to try and keep the ravioli warm so the cheese stays goey.  And serve with a napkin

Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Rolls 

These are perhaps the best things your ever going to eat.  Think goat cheese combined with smoked salmon on a stick.  Roll up the goat cheese in a ball, cover it with nuts, wrap the salmon on top and skewer.  Simple and tasty.  Your guests are going to love this, but your only thing will be to make sure you have enough because these guys are not going to last very long.

There you have it, the Jet Set Sam holiday guide to serving appetizers at your next party.