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We sent a number of gift packages to our customers and staff over the Christmas Holidays, Phil and his team delivered an exception product and hassle free. We will use them again for sure!
Ross Dunphy
I received the products very quickly.  They were high quality and the service was exceptional
Kendra Hanson
This is by far the freshest and tastiest smoked salmon I have ever had.  Thank you to the Jet Set Sam team for providing such a great product and service
Steven Mckinney

Canadian Seafood Pate Trio With Lobster, Crab And Smoked Salmon


The Seafood Pate Trio is made from the finest quality seafood products fished in Canada and made in British Columbia Canada. The pate is made from the quality salmon, crab and lobster



The Famous Seafood Trio Pack Featuring Canadian British Columbia Pacific Salmon Pate, Rich And Tasty Lobster Pate and a Delectable Crab Pate Made From The Highest Quality Fish and Shellfish!

Pate is one of the most amazingly rich spreads to enjoy with a cracker or your favorite crusty bread. Made from the finest quality salmon, crab and lobster makes our seafood trio pack one of the of the tastiest pate packs around. This pate pack features pacific salmon delectable crab and succulent lobster all carefully crafted into a delicious pate made in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. This is an incredibly rich and delicious snack!

The Perfect Party Appetizer Pack!

The pate trio pack makes by far one of the best holiday appetizers. Not only do you get an incredibly fresh and tasty pate but you also get a rich variety with this pack. Serving this at your next dinner party will wow your guests with the rich flavours and the variety of Salmon, Crab and the wow factor with the Lobster. We have put together the ultimate seafood pack for you and your guests to enjoy.

Still Thinking To Decide About Whether to Buy Our Seafood Pate Trio?

• Fresh Canadian Pacific Salmon, Crab and Lobster

• Incredibly delicious and tasty seafood snack

• Comes in 3 flavours: Salmon, Crab, Lobster

• A healthy snack which is an amazing source of protein and Omega 3

• Proudly made in British Columbia Canada


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