Smoked Sockeye Salmon in a Cedar Gift Box


Nothing says Canadian more than Smoked Salmon in an amazing Cedar gift box. These have long been one of Jet Set Sam’s most popular gift options for tourists or companies looking to send gifts to loved ones and colleagues. This salmon fished off the fresh waters of the Pacific is wood smoked and preserved in salt and its natural oils.


Smoked Salmon Gift Box

Take a taste of Canada on your travels with Jet Set Sam's smoked salmon in a traditional native cedar gift box. This wild Pacific sockeye salmon is expertly smoked and then packed in gold foil to ensure maximum taste and freshness. These cedar boxes have been one of our hottest selling gift products for the past 3 decades and make the perfect gift for tourists headed back home or companies looking to send their clients a Canadian treat. The superior taste of this salmon will be a crowd favorite and the cedar box is a great keepsake. Ingredients: Wild Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke 227g / 8 oz. See more smoked salmon gift boxes

Weight8 oz


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