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We sent a number of gift packages to our customers and staff over the Christmas Holidays, Phil and his team delivered an exception product and hassle free. We will use them again for sure!
Ross Dunphy
I received the products very quickly.  They were high quality and the service was exceptional
Kendra Hanson
This is by far the freshest and tastiest smoked salmon I have ever had.  Thank you to the Jet Set Sam team for providing such a great product and service
Steven Mckinney

Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced 1/2 lb


1/2 pound of Jet Set Sam’s pre sliced Pacific Smoked Salmon

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Jet Set Sam 1/2 pound smoked sockeye salmon packs are perfectly sized for any appetizer or dinner for 2. Our wild pacific sockeye salmon is the finest quality in the world. Cold smoked for perfection our smoked salmon is all natural with no additional additives or preservatives.

Keep frozen at or below 0° F (-18° C). Vacuum-sealed fish held under these conditions should retain its quality for at least six to 12 months. Shellfish and lean white fish (halibut, cod) generally have a longer freezer life than fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sablefish).
NOTE: Seafood stored in frost-free freezers should be used within 3 months.

Thawing instructions
Thaw under refrigeration at or below 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). Before thawing, puncture or remove packaging.

For quick-thawing, place frozen package in cool water for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, just until contents are flexible. Once thawed, immediately cook or refrigerate (if refrigerating, puncture package). Prior to cooking, do not allow fish to reach temperatures above 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius).

Our Salmon is expertly packed with Gel-Ice to maintain freshness and quality

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